Thursday, March 4, 2010


Yahoo just premiered a new poster for Toy Story 3. Let's hope the movie is as good as the poster.


Tim said...

In the land of sequels, 3rd movies aren't usually very good, Star Trek 3, Spiderman 3, and Matrix 3 are all good examples of that. The only exception that I can think of at the moment is X-Men 3. I am hoping that this one breaks that rule, but I am a little doubtful.

K and S said...

I agree, Tim. By the time the third sequel rolls around, we usually get nothing but a repeat of the first two films but I'm hopeful for Toy Story 3. I know the trailer does not look promising but I loved Toy Story 2 and I'm keeping my fingers crossed they pull off some magic with the third installment.

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