Sunday, July 18, 2010


Sure it's only July but Christmas will be here soon. Hallmark has an ornament featuring The Andy Griffith Show that lights up and plays the theme song available in October.

If you love sleazy movies like Cat-Women of the Moon or Girls in Prison, then check out these vintage exploitation movie posters from 1939-1960.

And stop by Cult Trailers to see previews for The Werewolf vs The Vampire Woman from 1971, Malibu High from 1979 and many other sleazy classics.

Neatorama has Six Attractions You'll Never See at Disneyland (Unless You Already Did). For some unknown reason, Mickey Mouse Revue didn't make the list.

If you love Italian erotic comic books (and we know you do), then you're in luck. Dark Horse is set to publish the complete works of artist Milo Manara in English.

The upcoming Conan movie released new photos of the titular character over at Facebook.

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