Sunday, November 23, 2008


is the number one movie this weekend. No big surprise there, but I thought I'd remind everyone of another vampire movie you can enjoy at home on DVD with no long lines, annoying cellphones or $6.00 tubs of popcorn.

30 Days of Night where the vampires are mean and nasty and don't suffer from teenage angst. Set in Alaska, where it's a full month with no sunlight, is a great gimmick and surprising that no one thought of it years ago. Plus, it's got the best ending in a horror movie since David Croenenberg's remake of The Fly.

Trivia: Writer Steven Niles pitched the idea for years in Hollywood with no takers. He took the idea to comic books where it was picked up by Sony Pictures. One of the producers who had initially rejected the script worked on the film adaptation.


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