Wednesday, February 3, 2010


"This is crazy. This is crazy." Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo reunite for another Vacation but it's only for a Superbowl commercial.

Daryl Hannah says Quentin Tarantino will be making a Kill Bill 3 and she's in it. "He always meant it as a trilogy."

Helen Slater is back as Supergirl but only in the comic book. She's one of the writers for the upcoming special anniversary issue of Supergirl.

If you're a sucker for comic book art like I am, you'll love this look at Vertigo Cover Gallery.

Zack Whedon talks about another Dr. Horrible comic book, this time featuring The Evil League of Evil's Bad Horse.

You're Spidey-Sense will be tingling when you wear this Spider-Man "face" style cap. I really want this!

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