Friday, February 5, 2010


Watch some animated zombies with the short horror-adventure teaser for A.D.

Ladies, show off your Gremlins with this Gizmo skirt. Just don’t spill food on it after midnight.

Get back to the future with The Real Rules for Time Travelers.

Bill Watterson ended his beloved Calvin and Hobbes comic strip years ago and has no regrets.

Princess Leia has such wonderful hair. Here she shares her sense of style with Chewbacca on this "New Hairstyle" t-shirt.

Logan Lerman (whoever the hell that is) says he's in talks to play Peter Parker in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot.


tim said...

I agree with Bill Watterson that it is good to leave the party early, but he left too early I think, I love that strip and think he could have done another 5 years at least...and spiderman reboot (sigh)

K and S said...

I agree, Tim. I think Watterson could have gone another five years before retiring but I understand about leaving 'em wanting more.

And yeah, the Spider-Man reboot could go horribly wrong but just remember how bad Spider-Man 3 was.

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