Sunday, September 13, 2009


Fresh on the heels of Disney acquiring Marvel Comics is the news of Disney World doing a major expansion. In fact, it's the largest expansion in Disney World history.

The development will nearly double the size of Fantasyland and include a new, lavish ride based on the Little Mermaid. Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Chairman Jay Rasulo made the announcement Saturday.

Analysts predict it will re-ignite travel to Orlando, which has lagged in the global recession.

Disney also plans to update Star Tours, the Star Wars-themed ride in Disney's Hollywood Studios. It will debut in 2011. The Fantasyland overhaul will be complete by 2013. Disney declined to say how much it will spend on the projects.

Disney's parks contribute about a third of the giant entertainment company's revenue.

A lavish Little Mermaid ride? Now that makes me want to get back to Disney all the more!


Anonymous said...

So will they also expand Tomorrow land? Please! Mission to Mars, Mission to ... Eris! Oh yes, mission to a black hole!

K and S said...

There is a new Star Wars ride coming but that new Little Mermaid ride has me excited!

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