Monday, May 30, 2011


Vincent Price would have been 100 years on May 27th of this year.  Artist Zach Bellissimo drew 100 characters Vincent Price played in films to celebrate the occassion.  Each drawing is on a sticky note and captures the spirit of the many multifaceted roles Vincent Price portrayed.  Bellissimo writes,

"The first Price movie I ever saw was "The Great Mouse Detective" (said to have been his favorite role) but of course being a little kid I didn't care who did the voice. I was in middle school when I saw "The Raven" on AMC when they used to play classic horror movies on Friday nights. My dad told me about him and I eventually recognized his voice and linked it to Ratigan. I was very amazed that such an actor who was mostly known for his horror roles would step out of that and do light and funny roles too…and succeed at it! Thats my favorite thing about Vincent, always mixing horror and comedy.

For the past week in his home town of Missouri, they've been having a festival in his honor called Vincentennial. I really wanted to go but there was no way, but it feels good to atleast do artwork in his honor.

Thank you for bringing us such great fright, laughs and all around joy from your films and warm, charismatic personality. Happy Birthday, Vincent. You're a great inspiration to me and it would have been a life long dream for me to meet you. But I hope that if there is an afterlife that I can meet you there. Goodbye so soon and rest in peace."

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