Thursday, May 19, 2011


I had seen the short film, Heartless: The Story of the Tin Man, which we featured here on DSTG! in June, 2010, but didn't realize the 2010 Comic Con award-winning Steam Punk Iron Man costume was a customized version of the Tin Man. From Dvice:

The suit was originally a steampunk Tin Man from the indie short film Heartless. Then the assistant to the director of the film repainted it, added some new touches and wore it to ComicCon.

Apparently the original costume had been beaten and battered from promotional tours and was redesigned as Iron Man. The director was initially upset but things have been worked out and all is forgiven. Sure, there's a sting of disappointment but still, even as a retrofitted costume, it's pretty amazing.

Meanwhile, if you haven't already seen Heartless: The Story of the Tin Man, I highly recommend it.

Thanks to El Marido! for the heads-up!

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