Thursday, May 19, 2011


In 1978, Remco released Energized Spider-Man that was able to "climb", "lift" and even ride a helicopter standing up!  (Spider-Copter sold separately)  Spider-Man's adversary, Green Goblin, was "Energized" too, and could cut through Spider-Man's webbing.  Energized Spider-Man was so popular, eventually an Incredible Energized Hulk followed, with DC characters licensed next.  Energized Superman had a retractable fly wire while Energized Batman had a bat-grapple.

The Energized Spider-Man goes for quite a bit these days, well over $100.00 in the original box, which is beyond my budget for a toy.  Occasionally I see a battered and beaten one at an antique shop or flea market.  Still, I did finally get a Mego Spider-Man for a good price after years of searching.  And searching is half the fun.

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