Thursday, February 12, 2009


Wired recently featured the "Giant Midwest Mecca of Nerditude in Oklahoma", The Toy & Action Figure Museum, quite possibly the coolest museum on the entire planet and what every fanboy wants his house to look like.

Comic book artist and action figure collector, Kevin Stark from Pauls Valley, Oklahoma, is the curator of the museum.

Stark convinced the Pauls Valley City Council in 2000 that a tourist attraction would help the city's economy. In 2005, the dream became reality when the Toy & Action Figure Museum opened its doors.

The museum houses a Batman and Star Wars display with so many figures, there isn't enough space for them all. The action figures are constantly rotated, giving every G.I. Joe and He-Man his moment in the spotlight.

The museum has had over 40,000 visitors and even allows it's smaller guests the chance to dress up as their favorite superhero.

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Anonymous said...

What would happen if an earthquake occured? Would the superheros save the day?

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