Monday, November 30, 2009


Here's Jawas without their hoods, Han Solo's girlfriend and Han shooting first in this deleted Star Wars footage.


The poster for Iron Man 2 is finally revealed! And we also get our first glimpse at War Machine. Iron Man 2 is scheduled to fly into theaters May 7th, 2010.


Has your get-up-and-go done got-up-and-went? You need to download Time for Timer public service announcements!

Cult classic and Roger Ebert-hated I Spit on Your Grave is being remade. *sigh* Bloody Disgusting has the "First Word".

Ever seen A Man Eating Chicken? Usually tourist traps fall short of their promise but here's the Top 10 Bizarre Tourist Attractions.

The question used to be, will we ever see a good Superman movie? Now the question is, will we ever see another Superman movie? Not any time soon. The Superman movies are on hold.

Disney Parks Blog has "Now and Then" photos taken outside Walt Disney's on-site apartment.

Click over to the Wonder Woman Museum, "A Fansite of Amazonian Art, Literature and Memorabilia.


Sunday, November 29, 2009


The trailer for the next Family Guy Star Wars installment, Something, Something, Something, Dark Side, is online with the episode scheduled to premiere December 22, 2009.


Found here.


Marvel Comics Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada talk up the new Thor movie.

Read the full issue of Frank Cho's Jungle Girl Season 2 #1 online.

Viggo Mortensen lobbied for product placement in the movie, The Road.

Bart's Blackboard is an ongoing archive of every sentence that Bart Simpson writes on the blackboard in the opening sequence of The Simpsons.

Speaking of The Simpsons, see how they look built entirely from cans. Canstruction is an annual design event is with teams of engineers, architects and students creating fascinating and amazing sculptures out of thousands of cans of food.

Watch the Human Blockhead Jared Rydelek hammer a 4-inch nail into his nose.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Brian Murphy at CollegeHumor created these Star Wars Facebook pages. Click the link to see more.


Now this is my kinda' ballet! Here's Les Ballets Stefani as a contender for best Scopitone ever.


Ken Krueger, one of the geniuses behind the worlds largest comic book convention, Comic-Con International died just two weeks after co-founder Sheldon Dorf passed away. Thanks, Robyn.

New photos from the upcoming film, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, appeared on their official Facebook page.

The Amityville Horror is going to be remade. Again.

Tobey Maguire stays tight-lipped about the rumors of the Black Cat role in Spider-Man 4.

Speaking of Spider-Man, see just how much he loves cupcakes with Topless Robot's The 10 Dumbest Comic Book Hostess Ads.

This just gives me an excuse to post another picture of Kat Dennings. Variety confirms her role in Thor.

Quentin Tarantino admits the comic book Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos served as inspiration to his Inglourious Basterds movie.

Friday, November 27, 2009


The United States Radium Corporation

The US Radium Corporation, which made a fortune in the 1920s from producing millions of luminously painted watch dials, fish bait and dolls' eyes, found itself at the center of a national scandal in 1924 when dozens of their female painters, some only twelve years old, began to fall ill and die, horribly and mysteriously. An independent inquiry into the deaths learned that in order to produce the fine artwork needed on the watch dials, the girls were expected to lick excess luminous paint from their brushes: some of the girls even painted their teeth and lips for a lark. The company meanwhile consistently denied that there was any link between the deaths and the tiny amount of radioactive material used in the paint. Then in 1925 the company chemist Edwin Lehman, although never directly in regular contact with the deadly paint, also suddenly fell dead. The autopsy found that Lehman's bones were so radioactive that, when left on an unexposed photographic plate, they photographed themselves.

From The Giant Bathroom Reader


Star Trek meets The A-Team.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Omelete has the first official photo of Josh Brolin in the lead role of Jonah Hex. We get a good glimpse of the mouth but I'm curious if they'll get the scarred eye right.


Artist Prudence Staite used 14 different varieties of apples to create these classic scenes from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.


Ryan Reynolds talks to MTV about his roles as Deadpool and the Green Lantern.

Quentin Tarantino reflects back on his "groovy" year.

The Asian splatter-fest, Grotesque, is available on DVD.

Jeremy Renner could play superhero Hawkeye in the upcoming Avengers movie and cameo in Thor.

Yo, yo, McFly! Listen to this Back to the Future rap song.

See the first official photos from the film adaption of the Vertigo comic book series, The Losers.

Neve Campbell tells BlackBook that Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven are "back on board" for Scream 4.

Zombieland director Ruben Fleischer likes the idea of a sequel being shot in 3D.


Found here.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Kat Dennings joins the cast of Thor. Now I definitely have to see this movie.

Tobey Maguire is rooting for the Lizard in Spider-Man 4.

My original man-crush Stan Lee tells us what he's thankful for this holiday season. "Oh, golly, so many things. I’m thankful to still be involved in the things I really care about and still be able to be working on them. I’m thankful that the fans still seem to enjoy the things I’m doing." Excelsior!

Use your radar vision to see the next action figure in the Marvel Select line.

It's Star Wars vs Star Trek as Princess Leia in her metal bikini asks you to vote for your favorite.

If you wear these new Stormtrooper kicks from Adidas, everyone will know you voted for Star Wars. The shoes are scheduled to stomp into stores January 2010.


The force is not strong with LP DoGG. Sure, he might be a Jedi but he needs to work on his rapping skills.

Monday, November 23, 2009


Fans prove once again they have a better grasp on how comic book characters should be on screen with this fan-made Green Lantern movie trailer. X-Men Origins: Wolverine filmmakers take note.



Say it ain't so! Twilight: New Moon breaks The Dark Knight opening weekend box office record. Sigh.

The Justice Society of America will be appearing in an episode of Smallville. Check out this promo for the episode scheduled for January 2010. Thanks, Josh!

Mandalay Pictures picked up the film rights to Boom! Studios’ action-thriller comic book Unthinkable.

Natalie Portman based her decision to be in Thor because it sounded "super weird".

John F. Talarico created two 20-sided dice out of stained glass and black and copper patina. See more here.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Miranda Lee Richards is the daughter of comic book artists Ted and Teresa Richards. Her father created The 40 Year Old Hippie. Her mother was one of the founding editors and contributors of Wimmin’s Comix in the 1970’s. “Growing up, I got the message that if you do what you love to do, money will follow, just not a lot of it.”

Growing up in San Francisco, she attended a performing arts high school, playing in various bands and took up modeling after graduation. She moved to Paris to pursue her modeling career and quickly became disillusioned. She moved back to San Francisco and met Kirk Hammett of Metallica, who gave her guitar lessons. “As soon as I knew how to play, I started writing and everything just clicked. Eventually I got a piano to expand my musical repertoire.”

She recorded a demo in her basement which caught the attention of Anton Newcombe and moved to Los Angeles. In 2001 she released her first album, The Herethereafter. In February of this year, she released the moody and introspective Light of X.

You can learn more about Miranda Lee Richards on her official website and her MySpace page. And most importantly, purchase her music here.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


From Bad Santa to Loaded Santa, the dude is burned out and tired. Oh, and very drunk. Check out Loaded Santa's Twitter page where he Tweets about his life, "Leaving carrots for my reindeer is real smart kids. The only thing that was missing from reindeer shit was fucking carrots."

Galileo Galilei died in 1642 and had parts of his body cut off by admirers. An art collector has found a tooth, two fingers, thumb and vertebrae of the famous scientist.
Thanks, Stan!

Want to combine your love for furniture and sci-fi? Pick up this Star Wars Yoda Coffee Table.

I've always said comic books are good for you. Now there's proof!

Evil on Two Legs has some rare foreign horror movie posters.



Watch Betty Claire dance and sing about one of the greatest inventions ever created. And enjoy her bikini-clad friends doing "The Chicken" and "The Swim".


J. Jonah Jameson is at it again. The Daily Bugle and The News Tribune report Spider-Man robbed a restaurant at gun point in Tacoma, Washington. We all know it wasn't Peter Parker under that mask. Plus, Spider-Man lives in New York.

Idris Elba (whoever that is) joins the cast of Thor as Heimdall, a guardian of Asgard.

Be prepared to be stunned (pun intended). A phaser, just like in Star Trek, is being developed.

Speaking of Star Trek (pun intended again), a man spoke only Klingon to his child for the first three years of its life but claims he isn't really a huge Star Trek fan. Riiiiight.

Scary movies aren't just for Halloween. Watch these Horror Movies for Thanksgiving.

Check out this Wonder Woman sculpture made out of Wonder Bread using 11 loafs of bread as well as their bags.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Watch out if an alien says you have a pretty mouth.


I have to admit, I don't understand this Pringles commercial. However, since it has Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider series, I'm interested. She does some weird striptease pulling a Rubik's Cube from her shirt. Like I said, it makes no sense. But I suddenly want to play Tomb Raider and eat chips.


Robert Francois Damiens

The execution of the failed French regicide Robert-Francois Damiens was the most prolonged recorded in history. On 2 March 1757 Damiens was stripped and chained down on a wooden scaffold, where his right hand was to be burned off. A fire was lit, but it kept going out, so one of the executioners improvised by gouging out lumps of flesh from various parts of Damiens' body with red-hot pincer while boiling oil and melted wax, resin and lead were poured into the wounds. Between his screams Damiens was heard to cry out, "My God, take pity on me" and "Jesus, help me!" The executioners then took long leather straps and wound them up the length of his arms and his legs. Each strap was attached to a rope, which in turn was affixed to four horses, which were then whipped, each pulling in a different direction. Damiens was a very muscular man and the horses selected to tear him limb from limb were not quite up to the task. For more than an hour the horses were urged on while Damiens screamed in agony. As dusk fell, an attending surgeon suggested that they might want to speed things up by cutting Damiens' sinews, and the executioners began hacking at this joints with knives. The horses were again whipped and after several pulls, ripped one arm and a leg from Damiens' body. As the second arm was pulled out, Damiens' lower jaw was seen to move, as though to speak. He died at 10.30 pm, five-and-a-half hours after the execution had started.

From The Giant Bathroom Reader

Thursday, November 19, 2009



Thanks, Stan!


The celebrate continues with today being our one-year anniversary! We're looking at a few more of our favorite stories over the last twelve months.

I fell in love with a photo of Frances O'Connor, "The Living Venus De Milo," several years ago which began an obsession.

Adolf Hitler gets a lot of bad press but apparently he wasn't all bad. He was a swell guy to have as a boss. I expected a lot of hate mail when I originally did this post but didn't receive a single comment.

Angela Lansbury gets naked, touches her skin, talks about sex after menopause while her arm flab bounces. Again, no hate mail.

Kirk Cameron hates trash cans and quality film projects but he loves internet porn. Proving once again that 99% of Christian entertainment is horrible.

Still don't believe me after watching that? Well, watch Dan "Southpaw" Smith perform "Baby Got Book." This would make Jesus roll over in his grave if he weren't already resurrected.

Of course there's lots of horrible entertainment in the secular world. Big boobs and a Texas accent can't save a film project like this.

Marbles Harsgrove proves that you don't need big boobs to be funny. "Good show, Randy!"

I discovered Scopitones and the music of French singer, Liz Brady.

The Captain's Log prepares for an intergalactic ramming with Star Trek: The Sexed Generation.

Mow the Lawn, ladies. This could possibly be the best commercial ever.

Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom

The music of Roy Orbison is reward enough but we received a treasure trove of goodies for our Just Listen: Roy Orbison Week.

Forget HDTV, Pulp Fiction never looked so good and Star Wars was never funnier.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The only thing we love more than true crime stories here at DSTG! is bizarre true crime stories. And this one, my friends, was one of the most bizarre events ever recorded. A man pulled out his own eyeball and ate it. Twice. You read that right, he ate both of his eyes. Travel back to January of this year for the full story.

A Texas death row inmate with a history of mental problems pulled out his only good eye and told authorities he ate it. Andre Thomas, 25, was arrested for the fatal stabbings of his estranged wife, their young son and her 13-month-old daughter in March 2004. Their hearts also had been ripped out. He was convicted and condemned for the infant's death.

While in the Grayson County Jail in Sherman, Thomas plucked out his right eye before his trial later in 2004. A judge subsequently ruled he was competent to stand trial.

A death-row officer at the Polunsky Unit of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice found Thomas in his cell with blood on his face and took him to the infirmary.

"Thomas said he pulled out his eye and subsequently ingested it," agency spokesman Jason Clark said Friday.

Thomas was treated at East Texas Medical Center in Tyler after the Dec. 9 incident. Then he was transferred and remains at the Jester Unit, a prison psychiatric facility near Richmond southwest of Houston.

"He will finally be able to receive the mental health care that we had wanted and begged for from day 1," Bobbie Peterson-Cate, Thomas' trial attorney, told the Sherman Herald Democrat. "He is insane and mentally ill. It is exactly the same reason he pulled out the last one."

At his trial, defense lawyers also argued he suffered from alcohol and drug abuse.

Thomas does not have an execution date.

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals in October upheld his conviction and death sentence for the death of 13-month-old Leyha Marie Hughes. Also killed March 27, 2004, were his wife, Laura Christine Boren, 20, and their son, 4-year-old Andre Lee.

Thomas, from Texoma, walked into the Sherman Police Department and told a dispatcher he had just murdered the three and had stabbed himself in the chest.

Thomas told police how he put his victims' hearts in his pocket and left their apartment, took them home, put them in a plastic bag and threw them in the trash.

Court documents described the three victims as having "large, gaping wounds to their chests."


Underground, #3, Image Comics


Get an early glimpse of Wizarding World of Harry Potter, a Harry Potter themepark in Orlando, Florida scheduled to open in 2010.

Read a hilarious letter to Blockbuster Video about late fees, hairy legs, old people, Kevin Costner and Logan's Run. Thanks, Kyle!

Larry Cuba had the daunting task of creating computer images a long, long time ago in the 1970's for a little film called Star Wars. Watch a clip where he demonstrates how the images and animation were created.

Director Tim Burton had an exhibit at New York's Museum of Modern Art. Props and concept art from his films were displayed but the most interesting pieces were from his unfilmed Superman Lives movie.
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