Saturday, October 30, 2010


We've said it before and we'll say it again, scientists must never watch sci-fi movies because here we are again with another scary robot development that will eventually lead to mankind's downfall. Actroid-F is a robot with realistic facial expressions and body movements. It's easy to see why Actroid-F billed as the "first true android". Meanwhile, send Kokoro, her creator, a copy of The Terminator.


Mike D. said...

I think it is a hoax and that's an actress faking it....hence the name
Actroid - F.
Some people are very talented and good at creating robot like movement with parts of their bodies.
Remember ELECTRO at the worlds fair? He was presented as the real deal too. Maybe if she was not dressed as a nurse and we could see wires and mechanisms it would be believable. But I am not convinced. Last years robot that slapped a fresh guy for touching her boob...that was a convincing robot. This the real thing. A person.

Keith said...

It could be a person, Mikeyboy. I've fallen victim to a couple internet pranks over the years but my imagination and gullibility believe it's real. Time will tell.

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