Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Angie and Chad's "I Am Optimus Prime" parodies Black Eyed Peas' "The Time".  The lyrics are below, so sing along:

"Freedom is the right of all sentient beings"
I am Optimus Prime.
And i lead the Autobots in War
And i swear, justice and truth
And i'll fight my best for you

Oh, i am Optimus Prime
And you can buy my figure at the store
On sale. It's so cool.
And i want to play with you.

Auto Bot!
Auto Bot!

I can look just like a truck
The Decepticons suck
They destroyed my home planet
and i've had about enough
So come on, let's go
Autobots let's roll
We're going to fight
Til we can fight no more

I got Ratchet, Mudflap, Wheelie
I love Sam Witwicky
I didn't come to get Go-Bots
Immitators are Icky!
Got the best of all time
That's Optimus Prime
And You can't beat him
'Cause heroes never die

Well, i came here on The Ark
Looking for the All Spark
You can't stop a Transformer
Just by putting it in Park
I'm fighting Megatron
With Megan Fox (not anymore)
Robot in disguise
More than meets the eye

Cause I'm!
A Good Time!
With Prime!
(i'm telling you)

Chorus Repeat x1

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