Thursday, August 25, 2011


Cover your eyes and ears as you behold "The Art of Horror Movie Music."

Spider-Man in Normandy?  Darth Vader hanging out with Churchill?   Artist Agan Harahap created a series of images featuring superheroes and villains in wartime photos.

Speaking of Spider-Man, this Polish Spidey annoys people with his silly string.

Leo Firebrand of Firebrand Creations created a paper craft version of Malcom Reynolds gun from Firefly.

Proving absolutely everything is on the internet, watch a grizzly bear destroy R2-D2.

Put on your roller skates and grab $206.99 out of your savings account to pre-order the new Dazzler statue from Bowen Designs.  Standing over 14" tall with a genuine crystal pendant, this statue does everything but sing.

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