Monday, December 7, 2009


Stan Lee confirms he has a cameo in the upcoming Thor movie.

Realm of Kings involves quantum energy and physics. Read all about it in The Science Behind Marvel Comics' New Cosmic Tale. Comic books make you smart. Thanks, Robyn.

Kick-Ass scribe Mark Millar wants to start another series he'll never finish. Or maybe he just wants to be sued by DC Comics for his upcoming series, Nemesis, the story of Batman acting like The Joker. Hey Millar, how about finishing Kick-Ass and War Heroes? Jackass.

Here's a list of Dark Horse titles on sale this week.

Major Spoilers has a beautiful drawing Jack Kirby did back in 1970 of Black Bolt.


Keith said...

That doesn't surprise me about Stan Lee.

K and S said...

Me either. I love Stan Lee but I'm tired of the cameos. It's distracting and very old at this point.

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