Monday, December 14, 2009


Sigourney Weaver talks Ghostbusters 3 and says Bill Murray could be a ghost.

Every man wants to get in Kayla Kromer's bed. It's shaped like the Millennium Falcon!

I work at a comic book store but it pales in comparison to having a job at Pixar Studios. Top Cultured takes A Look Inside Pixar Studios.

Oy vey! Joyce and Kaufman created this out of this world Star Trek Pez LED menorah.

A second trailer for Clash of the Titans premiered online. This one is better but still has terrible music.

Matt Damon says he was originally tapped to play Two-Face in The Dark Knight.

Blinky Productions proves that Lois Lane is an idiot.


tim said...

Wow, Matt Damon, really? That would have really sucked...maybe if he had done it they could have had Brad Pitt to be the Joker. IS this evidence of someone connected with DC actually making a good decision? I wish they had been bought by Disney!

robyn said...

Lois has always been a little "slow".

K and S said...

With Marvel being bought by Disney, I'm afraid they'll become like DC. Dull, unimaginative with unreadable stories. I can't imagine Matt Damon as Two-Face.

And Lois has always been slow. Some ace reporter she turns out to be. Fooled by glasses and a slouch.

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