Thursday, December 10, 2009


A poster along with a new photo for Tron Legacy are online.

The film adaptation of the comic book, Jonah Hex, is doing reshoots at the beginning of the new year. Check out the casting call for some of the new characters.

Steven Soderbergh is directing a documentary about the late Spalding Gray. Gray was an actor and writer who committed suicide in 2004.

A third sequel is planned for the Men in Black franchise with Josh Brolin possibly taking a lead role.

DC Comics continues to make poor decisions with a new mini-series, Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne, with hack Grant Morrison penning the book. Batman is a pirate. I kid you not. Seriously, check out this sketch of Batpirate or whatever the hell it's supposed to be and try not to fall out of your chair laughing. Say it with me, "Make mine Marvel!"


Keith said...

So now Batman is becoming Capt. Jack Sparrow!?!

Jeff Dennis said...

OK,I'll give you that Bat-Pirate is stupid. Why do people think that Grant Morrison can write, his stuff is impossible to follow. Give me Brubaker, Bendis or Johns any day.

K and S said...

Looks like Morrison is a big Pirates of the Caribbean fan.

Funny how you like more Marvel writers than DC, Jeff. Maybe you're a secret Marvel fan after all.

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