Saturday, October 8, 2011


Dawn of the Dead (1978) trivia:

The gun shop in the film was never part of the Monroeville Mall.  Director, George A. Romero shot the scenes in a gun shop in downtown Pittsburgh and edited in the footage.

The two zombie kids who attack Peter in the airport chart house are played by the real-life niece and nephew of makeup artist, Tom Savini.

The zombie children are the only zombies in all of Romero's movies that run and never do the trademark "zombie shuffle".

The voice of George A. Romero's wife, Christine Forrest, can be heard on a pre-recorded announcement in the mall.

The fake blood was a mixture of food coloring, peanut butter and cane sugar syrup.

Some of the zombies are actual amputees.

This is Romero's favorite film in the "Dead" series.


Mikeyboy said...

I did a low budget college ZOMBIE film for a film student called BRUNCH WITH THE DEAD....I got my tongue torn out by my then girlfriend He made her up as a hot chick ZOMBIE whore. In that he used soaked paper towels in cherry jello mixture with extra food coloring for a deeper more solid red and of course a little eye make up. She looked good as a ZOMBIE...but man that food dye was tough to get off. I walked around looking like FRED FLINTSTONE for a week. For some reason she cleaned up nice. Go figure.
Getting back to your post...this film was Romero's best.

K and S said...

Hey Mikeyboy, I'd love to see that film of yours. I hope you post it online or send me a copy.

Mikeyboy said...

His name is Stephen Mott. He works for channel 55 in NY as a film editor. He does the dubbing and bleeping and edit cuts. ( last I remember that's what he was doing in 2000 ) That college indie was done in 89 0r 90...I asked for a copy but he never gave me one. Last I saw him was 11 years ago.

K and S said...

Thanks for the update, Mikeyboy. I hope someday you get a copy of the film. "Brunch with the Dead" is a great title!

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