Monday, October 17, 2011


Hostel (2005) trivia:

Director Eli Roth hired real street kids to play the Bubble Gum Gang.

Over 150 gallons of blood were used in the making of the movie.

When Paxton is in the slaughterhouse with the German, he delivers a speech in the German language saying, "If you kill me, it'll destroy your life.  Every time you close your eyes, you'll see me.  I'll be in your nightmares every night, your whole life.  I'll ruin it."

Eli Roth stated on a special on Bravo that the film was inspired by a story he heard from a friend about a place in Thailand that filmed videos of a random person walking into a room and shooting someone in the head for $10,000.00 with the footage posted on the internet.

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