Monday, October 31, 2011


Halloween (1978) trivia:

The movie was shot in early spring in southern California, not Illinois in late October.  The crew bought paper leaves from a decorator and painted them in autumn colors, then scattered them around the filming locations.  To save money, after a scene was shot, the leaves were collected and reused.  However, there are still green trees visible in the movie, along with some palm trees.

This is Jamie Lee Curtis' first feature film.

All the actors wore their own clothes for the film since there was no money for a costume department.  Jamie Lee Curtis bought her wardrobe at J.C. Penney and spent less than a hundred dollars.  She shot the movie while on hiatus from the sitcom Operation Petticoat.

Half of the $320,000 budget was spent on Panavision cameras so the film would have a 2:35:1 scope.  Actor Donald Pleasence was paid $20,000.00 for 5 days work and is on screen just over 18 minutes.

John Carpenter approached Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee to play the part of Sam Loomis, the role that eventually went to Donald Pleasence, but both turned him down.  Lee later stated it was the biggest mistake of his career.

The opening POV sequence took 2 days to film.

John Carpenter composed the score in 4 days.

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