Saturday, October 1, 2011


The Exorcist (1973) trivia:

Ellen Burstyn received a permanent injury during filming.  A harness was used to throw her away from her possessed daughter but the director, William Friedkin, didn't think it looked convincing.  He ordered the crew to pull the harness harder, jerking her so hard she fell on her coccyx, causing spinal damage to the actress.

Reverend Billy Graham proclaimed a demon lived in the film reels of the movie.

Three beds were used in the film to provide three separate movements.

Deemed too shocking for the UK, the movie was banned until 1999, when the British Board of Film Censors finally gave their approval.

Director Stanley Kubrick wanted to helm the film but only if he could produce it himself.  The studio declined afraid he would go over budget and over schedule.

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