Sunday, October 30, 2011


Wolf Creek (2005) trivia:

No scenes were written for cloudy or wet weather but the shooting schedule was so tight, the crew had to film at all times, regardless of conditions.  When it was realized they would have to shoot in the rain, the script was hastily rewritten to include references to unexpected rain.

There had been no rainfall for ten years in the area where the backpackers park their car before setting off for the crater, but it started raining as soon as the crew arrived.  Director, Greg Mclean, was happy it rained, as it added to the ominous atmosphere of the scene.

Unbeknown to the the crew, the abandoned mine where they chose to film had actually been the site of a real life murder of a woman.  The filming prompted a protest from local citizens, who thought the film was about that event.

Composer Frank Tetaz based parts of the film score from an old funeral march, giving it a slower tempo for stronger moodiness.

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