Monday, July 27, 2009


I don't like anime. There, I said it. I have yet to see any good anime and I've watched a lot of it. I don't like the animation style and the stories are just silly. Maybe that makes me less of a fanboy but not even a look at these new Marvel anime series is enough to get me excited. That's right, Marvel is turning Japanese, Marvel is turning Japanese. I really think so.

Marvel and Madhouse teamed up to create new anime versions of the beloved Marvel superheroes. Marvel premiered the Iron Man and Wolverine anime series at the San Diego Comic-Con.

The official teaser trailers will debut at the Marvel Animation Panel and be hosted by writer and multiple-Eagle Award winner Warren Ellis, who will appear to discuss writing the all new adventures of these re-imagined super heroes.

These Marvel Anime TV series are being created as a way of merging the Marvel super heroes of western culture with the bold animation tradition of Japan. The resulting product will be four visually groundbreaking anime series featuring popular super heroes redesigned and repurposed as emerging from the fabric of Japanese culture.

The series are expected to hit the airwaves on the Animax channel in Japan in spring of 2010.

Didn't Marvel learn anything from DC Comics disastrous anime attempt with Batman Gotham Knight? The Iron Man trailer does look much better than the Wolverine preview, especially since Logan looks like an anorexic redneck. Personally, I think Wolverine is overexposed and I'm a little sick of him. Oh well, this is sure to tank just like their previous animation title, The Invincible Iron Man.


Keith said...

I like some anime, but I didn't care for Batman Gotham Knight at all.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I'm not much of an anime fan either.

Keith said...

I've seen some anime that's been interesting but none that told a good story.

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