Monday, February 14, 2011


Sony officially released the new title of their upcoming Spidey movie, The Amazing Spider-Man, along with a new photo. The title is ironic since the costume looks so different from the comic book version. I realize not everything from comic books can translate to film well and I'm glad to see the web shooters but the costume is a wreck. And are those yellow eyes?!? Sigh. Maybe it's not as bad as the costumes from the Catwoman movie or upcoming Green Lantern film but this is pretty weak. I wouldn't bet against a Green Goblin that looks like he's from the Broadway version.



Don Hudson said...

This is really a sucky movie. I have no interest in this Spidey reboot.

Tim said...

At this rate they might have Mysterio with a fishbowl on his head.

Keith said...

I'm trying to keep an open mind about the reboot, Don, but that costume is so awful, it's hard for me to get excited.

And I wouldn't doubt it, Tim. I'm scared of what the villains will look like in this movie.

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