Saturday, January 17, 2009


Political Mavens has another tribute for the passing of former Mouseketeer, Cheryl Holdridge. This one is by Paul Petersen, a former child actor turned Conservative activist for seniors and youth.

The LA Times obituary incorrectly said that Cheryl Holdridge left no immediate survivors. That’s just not true. She left us…those who remember the impact of the smiling blonde who jumped out of the television set while performing on a Disney kid show. For those who felt a loss out of all proportion to the news of Cheryl’s passing let me pass along my condolences. I felt it, too.

A symbol of something precious has left us, a legacy of a time and a place in America that was for most an idyllic memory relegated to the attic of our minds whose sudden reemergence reminds us that there will be more Mouseketeer losses like this in the days ahead.

We are mortal, and so are the real people who live within our media memories. Cheryl made the world a better place. The American family will not be the same without her.

We millions who have survived her would do well to remember her beauty, bravery and grace. It’s okay to be fond of someone you’ve never met. Thank God there’s a little Mouseketeer in all of us and we’re not yet so jaded that the loss of one leaves the rest of us unmoved.

Click here to read the entire article. And another thanks to Stan for the heads-up about this.

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