Wednesday, January 28, 2009


IO9 has possible concept art for the upcoming film, World War Z. The novel on which the film is based is one of my favorite books, so my hopes are low for a movie version. Still, it might turn out to be a good movie as long as they use enough original material from the book.

The artwork is by Daniel LuVisi, supposedly as a tryout for the job.

What can't I tell of it? Let's start with the book, my girlfriend's sister was reading World War Z one day, and I asked what it was. She told me, sounded cool, but I never put too much interest into it. Few months passed, read it...and just instantly fell in love with it. Max Brook's take on Yonkers literally blew my mind. I'm a huge action fan and military nut (don't support the wars, but love technology and design) and I just creamed when I read those pages. Instantly, I saw the whole battle in my head. Then my manager told me he had a connection with Forster and we could potentially get some work in front of him.

Right there my eyes shot open and I knew I had to do it. So I sketched out my idea and started working. Two hours into it, I knew I was in deep waters and felt as if I couldnt finish it. Way too many characters (Sorry for the ones who expected me to draw every single marine!) and just so much chaos, it just intimidated me. Thankfully for two awesome friends, a very supporting girlfriend, a German manager and my cat's undying company I just worked my heart off. And hopefully it shows. As for whats going on with the movie and myself? I've heard back recently, but I can't disclose any information at this time as I feel it is not my place. Yet.
To read the entire interview with Daniel LuVisi and see more of his work, click here. And as always, click the image for higher resolution.

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