Saturday, January 24, 2009


Spoilers ahead. Read at your own risk.

I love Ms. Marvel. Unlike a lot of superheroes, she likes to fight. Actually, she loves to fight. You could always count on her monthly title to deliver action and lots of it. But with the new Dark Reign crossover going on and Norman Osbourne appointing a new Ms. Marvel to the Avengers, Carol Danvers is going to die.

Newsarama interviewed comic scribe Brian Reed about the impending future of Ms. Marvel.
Over the next few issues, we'll see all of Carol's past catching up to her present. We'll understand why I've been doing these flashback stories. It has a lot to do with what the present is all about. And some very bad things happen, and Carol dies.
There will still be a Ms. Marvel comic book and the numbering will continue forward. But Moonstone as Ms. Marvel, is the new lead character. In Issue #37, we see the baton passed.
It's not the first time someone else has been Ms. Marvel and I'm sure Carol Danvers will eventually be back, but with the cancellation of She-Hulk, this is a real punch in the gut.

To read the entire interview with Brian Reed, click here.

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