Monday, January 5, 2009


Them, or "Ils" in its native French, is a suspenseful horror movie that spends the first fifteen minutes setting up the story and then jumps in without ever letting up. A minimalist plot with minimalist gore, Them relies on tension and realistic moments to create suspense now lost in current horror films.

The plot finds teacher Clementine (Olivia Bonamy) with her writer husband Lucas (Michael Cohen) living in an isolated rundown mansion. Hooded strangers show up, making them fight for their lives. As simplistic as that sounds, that’s the plot in its entirety. Them doesn’t waste time with subplots or side-stories. Once the chase starts, the action never stops.

Them is a simple, effective horror film that doesn't need silly CGI monsters or a cast of the latest pimply-faced starlets. The final twist, along with a reminder that the film is based on true events, will leave you truly scared.

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