Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Political Mavens' Patrick Hurley wrote a moving tribute to Cheryl Holdridge, an original Mouseketeer who passed away last week.

When I watched the show I stared only at her. When they all danced, I only followed her every move. When she got close to the camera my heart would start beating faster. When she flashed her blue eyes she lit up my young world. I wished with every fiber in my eight year-old body that I could meet her in person. I did have my picture taken at Disneyland with Cubby and Karen as well as Jimmie Dodd. But, no Cheryl. It’s probably just as well. Had she shown up I would have melted down into a puddle of mute. I would have nothing to say to her. I would have had trouble talking. I would have had trouble BREATHING!

Now, she is gone and a part of my past went with her. Tommy Cole, one of her fellow Mouseketeers called her, “Sunshine.” He said today upon hearing of her death, “I feel a little less sunny today.” I know exactly how he felt.

My favorite Mousketeer is gone.

To read the entire article, click here.

Thanks, Stan!

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