Sunday, March 1, 2009


Welcome to the second edition of Just Listen. This week's featured artist is all the way from Iceland, Hafdis Huld. Her award winning debut album, Dirty Paper Cup, released in 2006, featured the song, Tomoko, which was nominated as best music video in Iceland.

You can learn more about Hafdis Huld on her website (currently under construction) or read her personal blog here, where she gives her account of signing an Englishman's butt:
"It´s true, I said no, not unless you give me a very long pen, not going close to your behind mister. Someone found a longish pen and I signed his lower back/ bum cheek. Maybe that is a tradition is Portsmouth, who knows, and who am I to break the rules. When in Rome....."
And most importantly, to support artists like Hafdis Huld, buy her music here.

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