Friday, May 22, 2009


Growing up I watched a lot of television but one show stands out from the rest. The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries rotated weekly, an episode of The Hardy Boys would air one Sunday evening with an episode of Nancy Drew the following week. I couldn't wait for the Nancy Drew episodes because of my huge crush on Pamela Sue Martin. No young boy stood a chance of not falling in love with the beautiful and talented Nancy Drew as portrayed by Pamela Sue Martin.

Martin began modeling at age 17 and by age 19 appeared in The Poseidon Adventure. She posed nude for Playboy magazine in the June 1978 issue during her Nancy Drew run and I remember reading about it in the paper. Needless to say, I cursed my youth for being too young to purchase a copy of Playboy.

Martin would later star as Fallon Carrington Colby on Dyanasty but left the series during the fourth season.

Now retired from show business and living in Idaho, Martin finds enjoyment in her daily life. From her upcoming autobiography, The Spirit of the Matter, she writes:

Excitement comes from within my being when I approach life with an open heart. A beautiful day, the breeze rustling the leaves, my dogs running down my driveway to greet me with boundless love get me excited. A good book can thrill me beyond any of the hundred DYNASTY scripts I used to read. We all succumb to thinking that the flash is where the excitement comes from. I did, as I watched that glamorous Shirley Jones. But think again. I lived it, and I wouldn’t trade any of my days today for “the old days”. I think excitement is an inside job.

‘“Are you making any movies lately?” That’s a good one.

Do I LOOK like I’m making a movie?’ I think as I stand in line at the grocery store emptying out my cart, checking off one of a million errands on my daily list. I do find it interesting that after all these years people still pop the question, especially when they see me schlepping around town like any other suburban housewife. Except I’m beyond suburban baby, mowing my lawn with the John Deere, and snow plowing through the blizzards. One can adopt a little of the old prairie settlers out here if one wants. Strong, rugged, women with lines of living etched around their faces.

Martin still appears in front of the camera from time-to-time and currently wrapped up a role for the television series, The L Word.

She doesn't worry about the future but takes delight in the small pleasures life brings. Whether in her yoga class or focusing on God, she finds her happiness within.

You can learn more about Pamela Sue Martin on her official website and head over to Amazon to order your own copy of The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries.

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