Sunday, May 17, 2009


While this probably won't be a weekly or even regular feature, I thought I'd share some of the brilliant moments in comic books. Comic books have been around for 75 years now, yet they are still widely considered a child's medium. Comics have changed a lot over that 75 years with Chris Claremont, Robert Crumb, Harvey Pekar, Alan Moore, Frank Miller and others providing gripping tales for more mature readers, elevating the medium to a more serious fare.

This page from Marvel Comics X-Factor #43 features Jamie Madrox meeting Layla Miller (one of my new favorite characters) in the future. The dialogue, written by Peter David, is beautiful and reminds me of why I love comic books so much.

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Keith said...

X-Factor was one of the comics I loved reading when I was growing up.

K and S said...

Peter David is writing the current series and it's great stuff.

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