Sunday, May 17, 2009


Sure it's a fluff piece promoting the new movie, Star Trek but it's always good to see Leonard Nimoy on screen. Sci-Fi Wire had a complete idiot interview him, or should I say insult him, saying Spock is an easy character to play, just add the ears. I have to say, seeing him in the film was bittersweet. He looked and sounded frail, a shadow of his former self. And although he hasn't played Spock in 18 years, he can still get fanboys' hearts racing, which made me realize that he has indeed lived a long, full life and prospered.


Keith said...

Nimoy is awesome. It's great to see him back again.

K and S said...

He's been gone too long. He should have been on the screen much more than he was. He's so great.

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