Sunday, August 2, 2009


Los Straitjackets is an instrumental band formed in 1988. Originally called The Straitjackets, the band split-up soon after forming and would play together again for six years.

Guitarist Eddie Angel moved to Nashville in the 80's to work with the Planet Rockers. Danny Amis, aka "Daddy-O Grande", was working as a sound engineer in Nashville and performing with the Raybeats. The two formed The Straitjackets in 1988 with a Nashville session player, Jimmy Lester. They played several gigs that summer but soon disbanded.

The band reunited in 1994 as Los Straitjackets, adding bass player Scott Esbeck. They released their first album, The Utterly Fantastic and Totally Unbelievable Sound of Los Straitjackets on Upstart Records.

It didn't take long for the band to gain a cult following with their instrumental music and fun performances. The band members wear Mexican wrestling masks and dress identically. Amis is the only member of the band who speaks, introducing songs in broken Spanish.

Esbeck left the band while recording The Velvet Touch of Los Straitjackets and was replaced by Pete Curry. Lester left the group in 2005 and was replaced by Jason Smay, aka "Teen Beat".

Over the years, they've collaborated with several artists, including vocalists Big Sandy, Eddy Clearwater, Kaiser George and the burlesque dancing act The World Famous Pontani Sisters.

Los Straitjackets has released eleven studio albums, three live albums and two collaboration records.

They provided music for the movie Psycho Beach Party and appear in the film. Here they perform "Tempest" in this promotional video for the movie.

You can learn more about Los Straitjackets at their official website and purchase their music here.


Anonymous said...

I highly recommend itchy chicken!

K and S said...

"Itchy Chicken" is on it's way! Stay tuned.

Keith said...

Wow! I've never heard of them, but they sound so interesting. I really dig their look.

K and S said...

They sound as good as they look. If you ever get the chance, go see them in concert. Stay tuned, Keith. There's more Los Straitjackets to come!

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