Friday, August 7, 2009


Variety reports comedian Louis C.K. made a new pilot for FX. The show is tentatively titled Louis and is based on his life as a divorced comedian with two kids. The show will be told through a mixture of his stand-up routines and sketches with him, his kids, friends and an ex-wife.

It's a grassroots project for Louis, who not only wrote "Louie," but also cast it, directed it and even edited it, with the help of $250,000 in seed money from FX. Louis shot the low-budget project in New York.

"I said, wire me a quarter of a million dollars and I'll give you a DVD in a month, and amazingly, they did," Louis said. "Because it was only $250,000 they had the reasonable expectation that I wasn't going to disappear with the money. To them, it's a low-risk thing, and for me, I was able to try different stuff."

Louis' life situation as a recently divorced man still co-parenting with his ex-wife largely informs both his current standup routine and this new show. His experience as a forty-something man back on the dating scene also plays a large role.

The pilot includes two stories: In one vignette, "Louie" must volunteer at his kids' school, and things go horribly wrong when he chaperones a field trip. In another bit, he goes on a terrible date.

"It's a unified stream of consciousness," he said of the show. "It all comes from me being a 41-year-old divorced comic trying to raise children, meet people and have sex."

I'm hoping this show will be better than his previous HBO sitcom, Lucky Louie. His stand-up act is hilarious and he's been one of my favorite comedians for years. As long as his humor is uncensored, the show should be gold.


Comically Depressed said...

am I the only person on the planet who loved "Lucky Louie"? The scene of him explaining why he's reading the newspaper to his daughter that ends in him screaming "BECAUSE THERE IS NO GOD" in her face is one of the funniest thing's I've ever seen.

K and S said...

The show had some funny moments but suffered from a poor cast. Louis was the only good part of the show. I'm hoping the supporting cast of his new show is much better.

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