Tuesday, August 4, 2009


On stage, Los Straitjackets has a show like no other. Wearing Mexican wrestling masks, matching outfits and instrumental surf rock puts them in a category by themselves. They've toured the country from coast to coast and shared the stage with Tom Petty, Reverend Horton Heat and many more. They've also toured Mexico, Spain, the Netherlands and did a two-week gig at a Moscow nightclub.

Here's Los Straitjackets performing "Itchy Chicken". You'll want to turn your speaker volume as high as it will go when watching this clip. Trust me on this.


Anonymous said...

Finally! What a great song! The best. So much spirit and creativity, I just love it!

K and S said...

This song is a big crowd favorite and really gets people on their feet. Glad you liked it!

Keith said...

So cool. That's an awesome song. I had no clue who they were before you started posting about them.

K and S said...

Glad to hear you like Los Straitjackets, Keith. They are a great band. You can pick up their CD's at Amazon.

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