Tuesday, August 11, 2009


You’re sitting there with a belly full of popcorn and a Jumbo Mr. Pibb and now you’re sweating out just how much time is left between your expanding bladder and the scene when you just know that actress is going to rip off her blouse on the way to the shower.

Don’t even try to leave, because you’re going to miss the funniest line, the biggest surprise explosion, the show stopping special effect or the last walk on part of Heath Ledger.

Finally…the best technological development since William Castle’s 1960’s “Horror Horn” to let you know when somebody’s blood was going to splash across the screen.

Runpee is a new app for your iPhone that will tell you in advance when that Jennifer Lopez love-in-the-park montage is about to start so you can head out with confidence and relief.

Runpee.com provides a download to give you a time line and line cues of when the next snooze scene is going to start and when you need to get back for that major plot twist. There is even a feature to vibrate a warning for you to get ready. When you get back, the app will inform you of whatever story detail you may have missed.

The company is working on an app for other cellphones too. Check it out at Runpee.com

I’m thinking it tells you that you can leave immediately after the opening credits to LAND OF THE LOST.


Keith said...

That's really cool. I hate it when I have to pee, but I don't know which scene in the movie to get up to use the bathroom.

K and S said...

Finally, technology that really matters!

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