Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Photographer Matt Hoyle has a new series, Barnumville, featuring knife throwers, a fat lady, the tattooed lady, human blockheads, midgets and more. His subjects are shot in a vintage black-and-white style reminiscent of the freak show glory days.
BARNUMVILLE is my latest photographic series in production. The series is the richest I’ve ever created in that there is a cast of 30something talent, each with a written backstory. Basically it’s about a small town in Florida, inspired by the real town of Gibsonton. The town is inhabited by sideshow performers and is the only place they can feel at home.

I’ve photographed giants, dwarfs, knife throwers, sword swallers, siamese twins, ventriloquists, strongmen and more.

The series consists of two elements; a black and white close up portrait essay and a cinematic format element looking much like scenes out of a movie.

I’ll have more about the making of and the process as I do them. This is literally a work in progress. So stay tuned.

You can check out his work here and be sure to read his blog.

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