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Born in Cairo in 1940, Liz Brady (born Ray Fleurat) is a French yé-yé singer.

Between 1965 and 1967, she released four EPs: “Hey O Daddy O” (65),”Rien n’est perdu” (65), “Palladium” (66) , “Partie de Dames” (66) on Pathé and one EP on Decca “Le piano s’est tu” (67).

In 1968, she moved to Quebec and with her friend formed the duo “Les Scarabées” (The Beetles). They released several 45s among which “Puisque tu m’as quitté” et “Le cœur de mon pays” (Golden Album in Canada).

They disbanded in 1975 and Liz moved to Florida, continuing her singing career as Liza Brady while her friend released songs under the name of Martine Bee.
Thanks, Robyn!

I also received an anonymous comment with a link to a French website dedicated to Liz Brady along with a site where you can buy some of her vintage original records! A big thanks to my mysterious friend.

And of course since this is a post about Liz Brady, I can't resist the chance to post another of her videos. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...


What Robyn sent you, I had sent you the same one... I'm surprised you never received it...I'm the one who edited it a few months ago...It was loaded with fiction when I first saw it... I couldn't resist, so many of these sites give false info.

Keith said...


Sorry I missed the link you sent earlier. Blogger seems to have some glitches and seeing responses to my blog is part of it.

Thanks for editing the listing at and setting the record straight.

I'm hoping that at least a few people will get turned on by the music of Liz Brady. She's such a treat.

Thanks again for all the help!

Anonymous said...

My pleasure :)

Anonymous said...

There are a couple of 2011 performances by Liz Brady posted on You Tube at:

She performs versions of Mack the Knife and What I Did for Love, both in English.

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