Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I did a post on the music of Liz Brady a couple of days ago asking for more information about her. The only information I had about Liz Brady was from a 2005 blog post saying she was born in Egypt, released possibly 6 ep records, later formed a group with her sister, had gone by several names during her career and was performing in Florida. The next day I received an anonymous comment stating:
"Her name is Liz Brady, her real name is not Gauthier at all!!!!!

The girl with whom she formed the duo "Les Scarabees" is not her sister and her name is Martine Gauthier.

Liz is now retired.

How do I know this? I'm related to her."
I don't know how this person is related to her or if this information is true but I'm trusting it is. I'd love to find a website where I could purchase some of her music. She's very talented and a lot of fun to watch. And for further proof, here's a clip of her singing "In the Mood".


Anonymous said...

I respect your need for accuracy.

You can trust the accuracy of the information I've sent you. However I'm afraid I've misspelled the name Gautier, it has no "h".

Keith said...

I trust you and thanks again for the information.

I couldn't resist the chance to post another Liz Brady video. I can't get enough of her. Her voice is great and she's so much fun to watch perform.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your trust.

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