Friday, March 27, 2009


I love comic books. Okay, I admit it's a love/hate relationship but still, deep down in my cynical heart, I love 'em. But one of the things I hate is variant covers. A variant cover is a comic book printed with different cover art which cost more than the regular issue. The comic book industry started this years ago and it nearly drove the industry under in the '90's but of course, the companies still continue this annoying practice.

I've never bought a variant issue and probably never will. I refuse to pay extra money just for different art on the cover of the comic book. But this week I was severely tempted to buy my first variant comic book when I saw issue #30 of Wonder Woman. I don't even collect Wonder Woman comic books but the cover was so beautiful, I nearly caved in and bought the issue. Poverty keeps me from wasting even more of my money, so instead I cursed DC Comics and put the comic book back on the shelf.

The cover art is by Joshua Middleton, who has done some amazing work and this Wonder Woman cover is just a small sample of his talent. I wish that all comic books would offer amazing art like this on their covers which, in the long run, would only help the comic book industry. I don't buy Wonder Woman comics but with covers like this, I would start picking it up.

Click for bigger. I promise it's worth it.

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