Friday, March 13, 2009


I love blogs. You can learn so much fun stuff from reading blogs, from Do It Yourself Funerals to a Ski Jump Toilet. One thing I had no idea existed was Scopitones. Scopitones were basically video jukeboxes and the predecessor to music videos.
They were distributed on color 16mm film with a magnetic soundtrack, and were made to be shown on a Scopitone film jukebox. The first Scopitones were made in France in 1960, and the Scopitone craze spread throughout Europe (particularly in West Germany and England) before crossing the Atlantic to the United States in mid-1964. By the end of the 1960s, they were gone.
Learn more about Scopitones here and Scopitones Archive.

Meanwhile, check out the January Jones Scopitones of "Up a Lazy River", a fun upbeat song with girls dancing in bikinis. Va-va-va voom!

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Boring...borning..oh and still boring.

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