Sunday, March 29, 2009


I thought I'd do a something a little different with this week's edition of Just Listen, something to mix it up and showcase more than just one video by the artist. Previously, I'd posted more than one music video of Liz Brady, using updated information about the singer as an excuse to share more of her music. But since there are so many incredible artists and music that goes unheard, this Just Listen edition will be divided into a few posts or parts over the coming week featuring the music of Kathleen Edwards.

Canadian singer Kathleen Edwards was born the daughter of a diplomat, growing up in South Korea, Switzerland and other countries. She took classical violin classes for several years, which would play a vital part of her first full album, Failer, as she arranged all the string parts on the CD.

Her family moved back to Canada in 1997 and Kathleen's musical influence greatly expanded when she discovered her brother's record collection, latching on to musical greats like Bob Dylan and Neil Young. Her last two years of high school were spent learning to play the guitar.

"I played in (a school) band, but I never played in a band that wasn't part of my musical upbringing, until I started playing guitar at summer-camp. I started playing more and more and wouldn't study for exams, and just play down in my room. It started to take priority over doing well in school."

By 1999, she was playing open mic nights and writing her own songs. She recorded an EP, Building 55, and started her first Canadian tour, traveling in her truck, which would later be pictured on the cover of Failer.

Since then, she's recorded two more albums, becoming more experienced and confident with each release. Rolling Stone magazine called her latest album, Asking for Flowers, "her strongest album yet."

You can learn more about Kathleen Edwards on her website and most importantly, buy her music here.

Now turn the volume up, sit back and relax, or better yet, get ready to dance to "Back to Me" by Kathleen Edwards.

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