Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Get ‘em while their hot! Those tarted up streetwalkers are headed for the paddywagon and destined to be the next big ebay collectible.

Last week, U. S. District Judge Stephen Larson ordered a halt to the sales of the best selling Bratz doll line, starting February 11, 2009. The 40 doll collection, along with ancillary lunchboxes, greeting cards, TV series and other spin offs are to be destroyed along with the original molds and matrices.

Mattel, makers of the best selling Barbie since 1959, proved in court that Bratz designer Carter Bryant was a former Mattel employee and created the Bratz idea while on their payroll. The Bratz doll was an immediate success since 2001 and unseated Barbie as the number one selling doll.

Larson is the same judge who earlier this year restored the property rights of “Superman” to the heirs of co-creator Jerry Siegel

MGA, distributor of Bratz, could still file a countersuit or renegotiate a shared royalty deal with Mattel, but as of now, the Bratz doll’s opportunity to work the streets is coming to a close.

While Bratz's gobbling up the market share of the doll market may have prompted Mattel Corporation to file suit, insiders say the real war between Barbie and the Bratz dolls reached an all time high last year when Barbie caught Ken looking at the Bratz website late at night.

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Anonymous said...

Yes! I hate Brats dolls. They are horrible!

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