Friday, December 12, 2008


JoBlo interviewed David Goyer, writer of X-Men Origins: Magneto. X-Men Origins: Magneto was announced before X-Men Origins: Wolverine but apparently Fox is waiting to see the response how fans react to the new Wolverine movie.

Is X-MEN ORIGINS: MAGNETO happening soon for you? That is waiting on WOLVERINE opening. You know, Fox is just waiting to see… I think they are curious as to what is the appetite of the spin off movie...

I read that your X-Men begins in the concentration camp. That was sort of the transformative moment for [Magneto] so there is no way you can't involve that. But the bulk of the movie takes place around 1961-1962.

Will it delve into what we have seen in the last three films? Well it takes place before all of that. The movie is really about the friendship between Charles and Eric.

Here's hoping the Magneto movie happens along with a new X-Men film. X-Men: The Last Stand wasn't received well with fans, mainly because of an intense hatred of director Brett Ratner, but I loved it and thought it was far superior to the first film. It was just like the comic books and even had the famous "fast ball special" with Colossus throwing Wolverine.


Tim Smith said...

I liked the last X-men movie also. Personally I would have rather seen the Magneto movie than the Wolverine movie.

K & S said...

Me too. The best part of the first X-Men movie was Magneto at the concentration camp. He's much more interesting and has a more tragic history than Wolverine.

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