Thursday, December 18, 2008


Majel Barret Roddenberry, widow of Star Trek creator, Gene Roddenberry, passed away today from leukemia at age 76.

Appearing on the original version of the show, Majel played small roles and was the voice of the ship's computer.
Roddenberry was involved in the "Star Trek" universe for more than four decades. She played the dark-haired Number One in the original pilot but metamorphosed into the blond, miniskirted Nurse Christine Chapel in the original 1966-69 show. She had smaller roles in all five of its television successors and many of the Star Trek movie incarnations, although she had little involvement in the productions.
Often referred to as "the first lady of Star Trek", Majel nurtured the legacy of the series and attended Star Trek conventions.

She recently reprised her role as the voice of the Starship Enterprise's computer in JJ Abrams' upcoming film, Star Trek.


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