Saturday, December 13, 2008


Jena Carpenter, aerialist, acrobat and contortionist, has been performing professionally since 2001 and has appeared in a number of television projects and music videos. She founded Beautiful Freak Entertainment "with a goal of creating unique beautiful acts and characters, both in the air and on the ground to bring magic to every event and avenue."
"We want to bring the magic of circus everywhere we go and draw people into our world of dreams and ideas where anything is possible. We use the language of performance to illustrate concepts such as cooperation, trust, teamwork, achievement, harmony, balance, and to create an entire atmosphere of colorful, flexible, graceful, and beautifully sculptural atmospheric characters. We can provide half hour or hour long shows, or provide sets of atmosphere throughout the evening."
To learn more about Jena, take her class or watch her in action, check out her website.

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Anonymous said...

I am in pain just looking at the photo.

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