Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Paramount Pictures has just picked up the remake rights for the 2009 hit, “Twilight” and has signed Stephen Norrington to helm the project which will star the Jonas Brothers.

“When you think about it,” said Norrington, “by the time the DVD hits the stores in February and has it’s four week run, there will be a whole new demographic who hadn’t seen it. Plus, I think we can really add a depth that will surprise audiences.”

The Jonas Brothers are slated to play the role of the reluctant vampire, Edward Cullen, showing the three conflicted parts of his lovelorn personality. “It’s an opportunity to explore the struggles of the gay community” said Norrington, “because Edward didn’t choose the vampire lifestyle, yet he is rejected by society for being different”.

In other news, a second remake of “The Day The Earth Stood Still” is in the offering for next year. While the 1950’s version dealt with aliens threatening to destroy the world population until we are able to live without war and the second had to do with not polluting the planet, the third will confront earth for the senseless killing of chickens for fast food restaurants. Tom Cruise has expressed interest.


Tim Smith said...

This is so much like Hollywood I wouldn't doubt if it is true!

Anonymous said...

Give us a break! Jonas brothers? YUCK!!

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