Friday, December 12, 2008


ShockTilYouDrop has confirmed the Michael Bay production of a new Nightmare on Elm Street reboot is a go at Warner Bros, with shooting to begin in spring of 2009. Warner Bros gave the green light based on the great response to the new Friday the 13th reboot test screenings.
"It's not Freddy cracking jokes. We want to make a horrifying movie. The concept is so scary, don't fall asleep or you'll die. This guy gets you when you're most vulnerable, in your sleep. We love that. That's the basis of the movie. It'll be most similar to the first one but in terms of kills and dreams we'll borrow from the entire series."
But Robert Englund won't be wearing the famous red and green sweater this time around. Freddy Krueger will be recast with Englund making a cameo in the new film.

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Tim Smith said...

The first move was truly the best and scariest, really I saw the other ones more for comedic value than anything...they were pretty laughable.

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