Thursday, June 25, 2009


Actress, sex symbol and pin-up girl Farrah Fawcett died today of cancer at age 62. Like every boy growing up in the 70's, Farrah Fawcett played a big part in my childhood. I was a big fan of Charlie's Angels but too young to own the famous poster. I can still remember being jealous of my best friend's older brother who had the poster on his wall.

Her film roles and tv appearances will live on as a testament to her talent. Jaclyn Smith said it best when she said, "Farrah had courage, she had strength, and she had faith. And now she has peace as she rests with the real angels."


Tim said...

I never had the Farrah poster, but I had a Lyndsey Wagner poster that I liked alot. Farrah was awesome!

K and S said...

I remember that Lyndsey Wagner poster. Very nice. Not as sexy as the Farrah poster but still very pretty.

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